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April 6, 2013

First of all, thanks to all my friends for their kind words on my writing, and on last month’s (March 2013) LADCC Awards and my little musical interlude within it.

I’ve decided this is the time to make this site a part of my everyday life. I will still be publishing journalism in Variety and elsewhere, and contributing regularly to ArtsInLA.com, my friend Dany Margolies’ noble effort to bring some clarity and class to LA theater criticism. (Check it out.) But I find I am hungering to find a place where I can just speak my piece on anything, especially the theaters which so generously afford me gratis admission to their work. I know they won’t always be happy with what I write, but I hope they (and you) will find my thoughts worth spending a few minutes on from time to time. Anyway: Here goes. I hope you’ll be with me some or all of the way!

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