LSAT Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

It always depends on your individual needs, but usually it flows like this:

  • We go over the fundamentals of each section
  • I reveal the LSAT’s secrets, and how to use that “inside information” to crush the test
  • We break down each section, and do a deep dive into topics and  question types
  • We review homework problems
  • You come to me with issues (individual questions; specific question types) and I solve them
  • We review full-length tests
  • I make sure you’re ready for the real thing

Not with me. I work 1:1 so I can concentrate on one student’s needs at a time.

Always by email, at no extra charge. As your coach I am available 24/7, and will get back to you just as soon as I can. I take that very seriously.

I have been helping to develop and edit personal statements, diversity statements, and other addenda for over four decades. I can also help you with choosing a school and handling in-person interviews. I do not offer financial aid advice: There are dedicated professionals who do that and only that.

Certainly. I do charge for no-shows, however.

No one can, any more than a tennis coach can guarantee that their pupil will win Wimbledon. Your score is the result of your skill and confidence on test day. However, I can count on the fingers of one hand the students (out of thousands) whose score didn’t go up after working with me. Everybody goes up. Most have improved double-digits. Their testimonials speak for themselves.

Check their fine print – that’s no guarantee. It’s a marketing ploy, a bluff. As in my tutoring, I tell things to you straight and true, and here’s the truth: I can and will coach you to achieve the results you want.

Many reasons beyond the need to earn a living. It’s my calling, my gift. I’m excellent at it. In fact, I’m the best. Above all, it is incredibly rewarding, year after year, to help people realize their dreams.

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