Bob is the Best

"Bob not only helped me raise my LSAT score almost 10 points, but he tirelessly helped me workshop my personal statement. He is the best tutor and truly cares about his students and their success. I will be recommending him to anyone I know needing LSAT help or advice on their law school personal statement. Thank you Bob!!"

Kaelyn S.

Incredible tutor who inspires confidence and makes test prep FUN!

"Bob was an excellent LSAT tutor. In addition to teaching me important skills and test taking strategies, Bob also did a great job of addressing my mental state going into the test. As I am an anxious test taker, Bob taught me how to be bold when eliminating answer choices and to be confident when faced with unfamiliar questions. Bob had an amazing attitude throughout all of our sessions, and I greatly appreciated his sense of humor and how blunt/direct he was with me. I can say that Bob made the LSAT prep process a lot more fun! I ended up scoring a 175 on my LSAT and attribute a lot of my success to Bob."


The one you want

"I really like Bob’s style and method. He’s compassionate and understanding, while at the some time being no BS and straight to the point."


Experienced, Passionate, and Invested in You

"When I first came to Bob, I was desperate for help. My LSAT scores were stagnant despite studying on my own, and I was looking for a coach. I chose Bob as my tutor because I believed in his expertise and his strategy. Bob taught me how to deconstruct the test and approach it with confidence. His techniques changed my whole outlook on the exam and eased my stress. After my sessions with Bob, my LSAT score increased 11 points, from the 61st to the 92nd percentile. Bob held nothing back in his sessions with me, spoke to me truthfully, and had faith in my abilities even when I didn’t. I would absolutely recommend Bob as a tutor to anyone looking for a coach in navigating the LSAT."


Contagious Confidence

"I came to Bob less than a week before I took my LSAT Flex exam. I had self-studied up to that point and I felt good about my abilities, but wanted to make sure I was able to prepare and execute at the highest level in these crucial last few days. Bob provided me some excellent advice about my mindset, tips from literal Olympians he had tutored about the importance of a warm-up routine, and useful information about how the test-makers construct the exam. Most importantly, his confidence rubbed off on me. Bob has unparalleled experience and expertise, forged in decades of work at the top of the industry. I attribute much of the mental shift I experienced in the days leading up to my test date to him, and so too my score of a 176. I was able to hit near the top of my testing range due to perfection of all the small things. I enjoyed working with Bob so much that I’ve taken his advice (and given him my money) to improve my writing sample."


Caring and Extremely Knowledgeable Tutor

"Bob helped me completely change my mindset about the LSAT and truly motivated me to attack the test in a way that I never had before. His experience and tactics for reading comprehension were incredibly helpful and I always felt as if he genuinely cared about me not just as a student but as a person. Great man!"


Very Knowledgeable and Insightful

"Bob’s tutoring methods are easy to follow and understand for typically confusing topics. He challenges his students to apply their new knowledge to practice problems without his help, to show that with his methods students can get correct answers. After my tutoring sessions with Bob, not only my confidence level but also my physical score had sky-rocketed. If you are a hard worker that is not afraid to make mistakes, I highly recommend working with Bob. He always wants the best for each student he works with and will challenge you to work hard so you can get the most out of his teaching."


Phenomenal Choice

"I came to Bob struggling in the RC section of the LSAT. His elite method for teaching RC turned a grey area into something I could understand in full detail. He teaches you to look for the right things in the right places, a skill that I lacked coming in. Most importantly, he taught me to be confident in my approach -- a trait I clearly lacked. I credit Bob immensely with my score increase from a 166 to a 172. He helped me slay the beast and have fun while doing it. Further, his advice while writing my personal statement was also invaluable in preparing a story that is true to me. Bob was a great mentor, tutor, and just fun to talk movies with. If you need LSAT help, he’s your guy."

Christian C.

Unmatched Skill and Dedication

"After unsuccessfully working with a handful of different tutors I finally came across Bob. From our first lesson I noticed a distinct difference between his teaching styles and his confidence in his knowledge about the LSAT. Of the tutors I have encountered, and trust me there have been many, Bob was the most knowledgeable not only in teaching how to approach the LSAT but also giving valuable insight into the way in which the test is structured and designed. He is extremely willing to work with any student that is dedicated towards improving their score. If you put in the work Bob will be there to encourage you and give you helpful and effective tips and tricks along the way. The only regret I have is not finding him sooner. I look forward to continuing tutoring with Bob and recommending him to anyone who is struggling with the LSAT."


You Rock!!! 🙂

"Thank you so much Bob!!! I appreciate all your help! You helped me build my confidence and gave me insights on what to expect when taking the exam. I hope to work with you again."


An Excellent Choice

"My sessions with Bob were always insightful and helpful. He has a great understanding of the LSAT and its mechanics that you can’t find from your average tutoring service. Beyond that, he’s an excellent listener, and his unique approach to taking the exam will help you not feel so intimidated by the test. Five Stars."


Yes. Bob is Knowledgeable, Honest and Straightforward.

"Bob is a great teacher. He tells you the philosophy of the questions and how to approach them with courage. According to Bob, only the courageous ones can face LSAT and he is quite right. I’ve learned a lot from him."


Extremely Knowledgeable & Qualified Professional

"I have had five lessons now with Bob, and he has been absolutely incredible. He simplified difficult questions, which allowed me to view the test and the questions in a completely new light. I have never worked with a tutor that has been so educated on and experienced with the subject. I plan lessons with him until I take the LSAT."


Above and Beyond All of my Expectations

"I have never had a tutor with the expertise and ability to cater to my needs that Bob possessed. He is truly a wonderful teacher who pushed me to go above and beyond what I thought I was capable of doing on this test. He not only assisted me in understanding the test in a profound and astute way, but he helped me to understand the mental side of the test as well, helping me to prepare and believe in myself going into the exam. Bob is a brilliant tutor who cares passionately about the success of his students. If you are willing to put in the work to be great, Bob will get you there."


The Last Minute Boost I Needed

"I came to Bob two weeks before my second attempt at the LSAT-Flex. I’d completely self-prepped up to that point and scored a 168 on my first try taking the test, but my prep had stagnated and I felt like I was making the same mistakes over and over. I just needed a spark to shift my approach into the next gear. Over 2 hour-long lessons, Bob gave me that! He helped me attack Logical Reasoning questions more aggressively and strategize Reading Comprehension passages in a new way. I took his advice and ran with it, and I improved my score 8 points on my second take to a 176. There is a lot of advice online about the LSAT, Bob clarified what to actually pay attention to and confirmed that the test really is manageable. I didn’t expect such straightforward advice to yield such major benefits, but it did. Bob is direct and focused, he will make the most of the time you spend with him."


Thoughtful and Efficient Tutor

"Bob is an excellent tutor who carefully tailors lessons to his students’ respective skill sets so as not to waste anyone’s time, money, or energy. He is a joy to work with and always leaves me feeling encouraged."


A coach and Motivator

"After a session with Bob, I find myself looking forward to practicing the LSAT and am extremely motivated to sit down and do the work using the tips he gave me. I’ve been looking for my coach and this is him! I am looking forward to the next session."


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