My Method

LSAT study method

My approach to coaching the LSAT is truly unique. It comes from decades of taking it, analyzing it, and revealing its secrets to – literally – thousands of aspiring lawyers.

I don’t push you to follow any one set curriculum, or ask you to copy how I earned my top scores. Instead, I work with you to identify your strengths and opportunity areas, and create a fully customized course of practice that will meet your needs and reflect your learning style.

I will show you how to read LSAT text simply and efficiently. My Reading Comp method is one-of-a-kind, nothing you’ve been exposed to before. I break down Logical Reasoning into its 16 different question types, and show you how to instantly identify and attack every one. 

Across the spectrum of LSAT prep, Logic Games are made to seem intimidating and overcomplicated. That’s crazy. I’ll teach you how to bring games down to earth, painlessly. 

I want you to see the test not as an obstacle to your career, but as an opportunity – a chance to show law schools that you possess the reading and reasoning skills they value. If your GPA is strong, your score will complement it. If your transcript is lacking, your score will relieve doubts. It’s win/win.

No two of my students take the LSAT in exactly the same manner. But each one takes it fully aware of how the test works, and fully confident in their ability to conquer whatever’s thrown their way.

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